Macadamia - More Than a Delicious Nut

One delightful early childhood memory I have of my Nana was hitting macadamia nuts with a hammer. They would sometimes skitter off the concrete, but mostly a solid tap with the hammer would de-hulll a delicious creamy macadamia nut from her tree.  Macadamia nuts that are highly prized for their taste, array in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and are full of healthy fats. 

The macadamia is a native Australian tree with heartwood timber ranging from pale pink to dark reddish brown with creamy sap wood. The timber looks similar to silky oak timber, often exhibiting large pores and medullary rays and looks similar to silky oak to which it is related. Macadamia timber tends to darken with age.

Macadamia timber is a fresh alternative to more traditional timbers, you can purchase our bespoke macadamia pens and pencils or a Sierra pen and pencil set here. Any pen can be custom crafted in macadamia timber.

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