About Our Pens

Together we care for our earth.

We create pens from ethical and sustainably sourced Australian timbers and we don’t cut down any trees to make our pens.

Every pen sold helps plant trees to reforest Australia.

We are partnering with One Tree Planted to replant Australia’s bushland affected by the 2019-20 Black Summer Bushfires.  Did you know Australia has the seventh largest forest area in the world and makes up three per cent of the Earth’s forests? Thanks for partnering with Veridian Pen Studio to restore Australia’s native habitat for our wildlife and humanity.

It's the perfectly 'imperfect' bits that makes our timber pens stand out.

Australia’s rugged mountain ranges, arid deserts and coastal plains grow trees of astonishing diversity and beauty. We strive to capture Australia’s personality and charm in each of our pens. Every saw cut is carefully incised to ensure the grain, colour and ‘blemish’ within the wood is highlighted. Tree burls and scars become stories within the pens, each knot and ‘imperfection’ adding uniqueness and beauty.

Every step of our design and creation process has our fingerprints.

Our pens pass through our hands eight times, every step from rough log through to freshly pressed pen has our fingerprints on them. We handcraft functional and aesthetic writing implements that stand out due to our handcrafted ethos. We don’t mass produce, we are small batch pen makers. Every pen is individually handcrafted with heart and soul.

We allow each piece of wood to tell its story.

By incorporating recycled timbers from broken and discarded furniture, hidden stories are unleashed. We have salvaged wood from a piano, rocking chair, dressing table, lounge chair, beds, houses, bookcase, jetty, bi-plane, bench top, rolling pin, golf clubs and cricket bats. Contact us if you would like a quote for a custom pen from your own wood that holds cherished memories. We would love to handcraft your family a legacy pen