Glorious Silky Oak Timber

The silky oak trees in my Nana’s backyard are one of my treasured childhood memories. Each spring their soft, vibrant orange, toothbrush-like flowers would fall onto her manicured lawn. Their foliage was visible from her lounge room window where I would sit at her old piano and bang the keys pretending I could play a tune. Silky oak is a stunning tree especially when flowering and is one of our top 5 most popular timbers for pens due to its warm and distinctive grain.

How beautiful are these silky oak pens?

McKenzie Rollerball

Phoenix pen

Frankie Fountain pen

The Boss Fountain pen

Silky oak timber was once used extensively in North Queensland for house framing, cladding, moulding, joinery (particularly windows) and flooring. There is much vintage furniture still around today displaying silky oak's coarse, variable and decorative texturing and it has long been a favourite of wood turners and carvers.

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