Wedding Pens - It's The Tiny Details That Matter

Signatures make it official. Two inky handwritten names on paper by fingers entwined around a guest names are inked individually onto little cards, menus showcasing linked letters in well practiced flow as well as wishes and blessings scribed with love in weddings cards for the happy couple... Handwriting will never go out of style and weddings are a great way to showcase a sentimental and beautiful handcrafted pen.

We are grateful to have one of our pens featured at Magpie Wedding and To The Aisle.

‘Blushed Love’ was a collaboration by Emily from Poppy and Sage Photography. Despite COVID- 19 restrictions, Emily involved all six states and the Northern Territory in a hope filled, delightfully pastel wedding collaboration.

We had such a fabulous response to the feature we have placed a new category in our shop to make your wedding pen shopping sweet and easy. Each wedding pen features our Australian poured white opal resin which has beautiful soft pearlescence and light throws hints of pastel colours. Of course you may prefer a pastel resin wedding pen to match your bridesmaids dresses or you can choose any timber or supply your own wood that has sentimenetal value to you. Yes, of course you can choose any style of pen.  

A truely customised pen is a tiny but meaningful wedding detail.

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