The Strength and Beauty of Australian Gidgee Timber

Gidgee’s character is warm, refined and strong making it one of our most distinctive timber pen options. Gidgee’s warm, deep chocolate brown tones often with darker streaks and ultra fine grain is highlighted superbly with application of either of our pen finishing options:

  • High gloss finish has gidgee glowing warmly.
  • Natural finish has a tactility of silky smoothness and connection to nature.

Gidgee has significance for the native Kalkadoon people who made Nulla Nullas, shields, boomerangs, swords and clapsticks from its rich, brown wood. It grows in the arid outback of Queensland and Northern Territory, thriving in dry challenging terrains. In humid weather, the leaves, bark and litter round the base of the tree give off an odour which account for its nickname ‘stinking wattle’. Gidgee (Acacia cambagei) is a member of the Acacia family and is often identified by its distinct, dark brown heartwood with narrow band of yellow sapwood. It is a heavy timber, and classified as the one of Australia’s hardest woods, blunting chisels with ease. While it is a stubborn timber to work with, the outcome of patient and persuasive time on the wood lathe and workbench is striking timber pens.

Historically it was used as firewood and for fencing, and it is popular today for knife making, bowl turning, pens and jewellery boxes and recently musical instrument manufacturers have begun using it. With Australia being a vast and diverse land, it is no surprise that we have so many unique, striking and diverse timbers. Gidgee outshines many Australian hardwoods in its strength and beauty. 

Check out a small sample of our handcrafted Gidgee pens below:

Gidgee Slimline pen

Gidgee Sierra pen

Gidgee Frankie pen

Classic Rollerballpen

Gidgee Boss Fountain pen

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