Story Wood - Pens That Have a Story - Part 1

Pens with a story woven within their timber ties them to our heart. Let me tell you about Merryl (not her real name). Merryl had some sitka spruce timber from a strut from her beloved father's biplane. We handcrafted beautiful pens for the family that we laser engraved with "Father, over the sea to sky," a cherished reminder of Dad and grandpa.

And what story does an abandoned piano have to tell? I imagine the piano was once played with skill and enthusiasm. At one time its melody would have wafted through the rooms of a home in Queensland and set toes tapping. The piano was discovered abandoned on the side of the road at Nudgee Beach Qld. The once beautiful piano was completely broken and smashed due to having fallen off a truck. Some timber was carefully salvaged from this abandoned piano to create something new and beautiful.  Find our piano wood pens here.  We have a limited amount of this piano wood for custom orders, please note that the timber has not been specifically identified.

Find our pens with a story here.


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