Naked Pens - Getting Back to Nature

Our naked timber pen range is so natural it’s the closest one can get to nature while being indoors. Leaving the timber naked and using a natural friction polish on the pens allow ones fingertips to directly connect with timbers soothing and soul revitalising balm. The familiarity of natural timber enchants us back to:

a childhood lived outdoors

family camping trips

backyard BBQ's

wilderness wanderings

Natural timber is a call back to simplicity and a reminder of the tranquility and beauty of nature. We individually shape and sand the body of each wooden pen until it is silky smooth and then friction polish at high speed on the wood lathe. No chemicals or lacquers are applied during finishing. The natural texture of the finished timber pen is warm and grounding and with use each pen takes on a glorious natural patina.

Wood and life are inextricably connected and these links are emphasised through Veridian’s  environmentally friendly pen range. We are very excited to showcase this new range of pens, pairing our love of Australian timber, with the nostalgia of wood and our increasing commitment to the environment. Our start up range consists of Slimline and Sierra pens and we would be delighted to custom make any style pen in a natural finish for you. Some woods are more suitable than others for a natural finish so please contact us to discuss a timbers suitability.

We specialise in making unique gift pens for the special people in your life. Our natural pen range is a great gift for creatives, outdoors people, nature lovers, bird watchers, poets, musicians, hippies, adventurers, those who appreciate the tactility of timber.


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