A tantalising kaleidoscope of inks await your fountain pen with the  release of the NIGHT collection from Van Dieman’s inks. Their recent reformulation of many of their original ink colours has also created quite a stir. For me, 5 inks stand out from their new collection as must haves (but are listed here in no particular preferential order).

Aurora Australis Ink

Aurora Australis is a delightful and playful boysenberry purple ink. This vivacious ink has high saturation and a very high sheen. It has average to wet flow with a great amount of variation in hue and tone depending on the pen and paper combination. Finer, drier pens will produce the lighter, pinky tone, especially on paper types that allow ink to dry faster. Wetter writing pens and those with broader nibs will bring out more of the darker tones, as well as more of the green sheen, especially when combined with any higher quality, less absorbent paper such as Midori or Tomoe River. Van Dieman's sampling found a combination of a medium nib pen on Bloc Rhodia or a fine nib pen on Tomoe River produced writing that brought out both tones, and some noticeable sheening. 

Vampire Bat Ink

 Vampire Bat is a feisty red ink.  A good red ink can be difficult to find but this intoxicating red that resembles the dark rich blood that the bat draws from its prey, is a wonderful red. It is a shading ink with cool tones, low black sheen and average flow. 

Moon Flower Ink

Moon Flower is a pretty blue ink sitting on the slightly warmer side of blue. It is named after the blue Moon Flower which only blooms at night. Bats and other nocturnal creatures eat its delicate nectar. It has light violet variations in heavier writing and ample shading. (While I’m trying not to choose a favourite from the 5 inks, this one may be it).

Shooting Star Ink

Shooting Star is a bold blue ink with a shadow of deep purple with a striking red sheen. The gold shimmer gives the feel of a beautiful clear Tasmanian night sky under the stars. As a blue lover, the red just adds a pizazz that I am loving.

Tiger Quoll Prowl Ink

Tiger Quoll Prowl ink is a highly saturated warm brown with a green shimmer. This ink pays homage to the gorgeous shy, nocturnal marsupial called the Tiger Quoll. I like it because it is just so unusual and eye catching. I’m not usually into greens or brown inks, but this one is lovely and fun to write and draw with.

  • Dye based ink.
  • High quality, smooth flow, light and age resistant.
  • Suitable for dip pens and brushwork.
  • Veridian fountain pens are compatible with shimmer inks. This ink  matches beautifully the warm tones of any hairy oak timber fountain pen.
  • Other pens: please check with your fountain pen manufacturer for compatibility with shimmer inks.
  • Shake bottle before use.
  • This ink has particulate matter - exercise great when using in a fountain pen, please flush regularly.
  • Available in 3 ml sample vial and 30 ml or 50 ml boxed glass bottles.



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